Rhodes, S. (2009). The Positive Enneagram

A New Approach to the Nine Personality Types

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The Positive Enneagram: A New Approach to the Nine Personality Types introduces a new way of working with the enneagram, a system that describes nine core motivations that shape our lives in profound ways. Each of us is particularly influenced by the energy of one of these types. So determining our main type can enhance self-understanding, improve our relationships, and help us find direction in life.

This book is packed with information. It succinctly describes the enneagram types, subtypes, wing types, energy centers, and connecting points; most chapters include easy-to-read charts and illustrations summarizing key points. The last two chapters are particularly innovative: one demonstrates how to link the personality and process enneagrams; the other focuses on ways to use the enneagram to become more integrated, creative, and attuned. The appendix includes three tests: two for determining type and one for determining subtype.

But The Positive Enneagram does more than simply describe the types. It describes them in a way that makes a persuasive case for seeing them in a positive light (more as “energy types” than “ego types”). It’s this dynamic, energy-focused approach that makes the book unique-and that gives it a freshness that will appeal to a variety of readers.


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