An open, warm, and with deep gratitude Thank You for the IEC 2020 event!

The year of 2020 will for sure be remembered as a very, very special year due to the pandemic Corona virus and its global impact on the global community. The main effect has been a separation on individual and family levels of the human species, into social distancing or even quarenteen and lockdowns. But, still it has not effected the human Big Mind potential and capacity to manifest into previously never experienced creations. The online Integral European Conference (IEC), 27–31 May, must be considered as being maybe the most prominent candidate of that so far. And I am so grateful for my participation in it, so I felt I had to express it in some way. So, here it goes. ?

First and foremost, the remarkable filosopher Ken Wilber. A man that has invested some 40+ years of his life, developing, teaching and living the Integral Theory. Without him as a grounding backbone, life would have been so much poorer for all of us, around the globe, who consider ourselves as part of the Integral Community. We all owe you so much gratitude for everything you have done, for us and for the world! And it felt so good to see “the Wig” appearing on this occasion as well. ? Thank You So Very Much, Ken! ?❤️

Before I address the actual IEC 2020 event organizers and hosts, I would also like to thank Jeff “The Daily Evolver” Salzman. Jeff is simply The Man for me, for his deed of sharing integral, multiperspective analysis of the world’s (although mostly emphasising American) current affairs. You have that amazing gift of applying the integral lens on every topic, but also the remarkable ability of respectfully inviting and synthesising even more perspectives from your Daily Evolver guests and audience – all of which I value highly. And, perhaps being an INFx and enneagram type 5 has something to do with it as well. ? Anyways, it was nice to see your appearance at the IEC as well, a sign of the concern you have for the Integral Movement, wherever it shows up. ?

The rest of my gratitude is dedicated for the hosts of the IEC event. Of course, no one can leave out the main host of the event, Bence Gánti in Hungary, who have done such a tremendous work making this event come true, and also managing it through. Your incredible professionality, presence, warmth and compassion I am sure made everyone feeling welcomed and listened to. I am so grateful to you and your team for everything I experienced during this conference, so I hardly can find words for it! Thank you very much, Bence! ?❤️

And the same kind of appreciation goes to co-host Maud Raber in the Netherlands for the same kind of intelligence and heartfulness, which easily shined through the ether to all of us who had joined. And there are also other names in the hosting team worth naming here, eg. the co-ordinators Gabriel Powell, Chris Alder and Anna Hünsdorf. You and your further team members have put so much effort and presence into this conference, for which we all are so very grateful. Thanks a whole lot to you all! ? ❤️

On a more egocentric level I would like to thank some presenters and workshop leaders that meant something very special to me, events from which I previously have reported in my blog. Among them are eg. Bart De Coninck and Roberto Reyes, and Martin Ucik, Terry Patten, Daniel Görtz, John Dupuy, Douglas Prater, Heidi Mitchell, and Zoltán Kerényi-Kiss. You all had some important impact on my ILP, for which I am so very grateful. Thank you all so very much! ??❤️

And many thanks for the patience of your IT support team, among them especially Norbert Kocsis (a 1st grade student at the Integral Academy in Budapest), who has been serving me as I was locked out from the conference’s participation web pages due to several password issues during the first two days. I am still partly locked out as this is being written, but as for now at least I can reach the pages on my smartphone over the mobile network. Thanks a lot, Norbert! ?

Finally, a rightful disclaimer: The list of persons to thank will grow vastly as I will take part of the replays from presentations and workshops that I missed during the actual conference. I am so grateful for that opportunity, so thanks a lot to the organizers for that generosity! Moreover, thanks to all of you that joined the conference. Without you, there would not be anything to thank for in the first place. ?

Before I close, I would like to propose more future online IEC conferences, in conjuctions with IRL ones or standalone. I simply think it would be a healthy progression for us all – due to the current and potential pandemics, for the climate, and actually for the Integral Movement itself, since it would become more accessible for people in all walks of life with eg. limited budgets or time to spare.

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Jonaz är initiativtagare till myEvo samt upphovsman för och huvudredaktör samt skribent på myEvo WEB men du kan även stöta på honom på myEvo LEARN; då främst som administratör. Sysslor som sammantaget upptar en god del av hans fritid. Hans primära intressen kretsar kring det mesta inom integralteorin; dock med betoning på psykologi, filosofi och spiritualitet. Därtill går hans själ igång på webbdesign och av att skriva samt av magiska stunder med djupa samtal. VDN-personlighetsfakta: INFJ enligt MBTI, 5w4 sx/sp enligt enneagrammet, Blå/Grön enligt DISC samt Grön/GUL/Turkos enligt Spiral Dynamics.

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